More Live Shows. Woo-hoo.

Uploaded two awesome live shows at the internet archive-

Black Flag  - Live at the Jockey Club in Newport, KY, 1986.

Recorded during the last tour with Anthony Martinez on drums and C'el on bass, this is one of hell of a set. Consisting mostly of songs from their last two LPs, they tear through the set with a dynamic ferocity that completely transforms these songs into something I wish they could have recreated in the studio. This set is definitely a rager, and probably my favorite Black Flag show that doesn't feature the classic five-piece lineup.

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The second show is a Red Cross set from Wilson Park in Torrance circa 1982. This is the only live early Red Cross recording I've ever been able to find online, aside from some snippets of a live show on Jeff McDonald's old Redd Kross podcast. If anyone knows of any other live Redd Kross recordings from their punk days, hit me back!

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With regard to the above, this San Pedro punk book is looking for a publisher. Be sure to give 'em a look see on Facebook, or you know, find them a publisher:

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