Previously, Alice Bag was only familiar to me as the banshee-like front woman behind L.A.'s legendary punk band the Bags, and for her role in obscure L.A. supergroup Castration Squad:

However, only recently have I been aware of her rather engaging presence on the web via her comprehensive Women In L.A. Punk interview page. After catching up with her life via her website, blog, and twitter I'm convinced her insights deserve a place amongst any of the more well known punk luminaries who have kept their minds sharp throughout the years(MacKaye or Rollins, for example). With that said, I'm absolutely giddy with excitement for the release of her autobiography:

Excerpts and other insights surrounding the book reside at yet another blog she maintains: Chica Violenta

Now onto the real reason for this post, which is this song, which was recently posted on her Soundcloud page:

Soledad by alicebag
Soledad, by Luna Nova. Vocals by Alicia Velasquez (Alice Bag) and Teresa Covarrubias. Guitar by Gabriel. We recorded this song in Gabriel's apartment right after we wrote it, mostly so that we wouldn't forget our parts. The recording was never meant for public consumption but if you listen beyond the hiss there's a lovely song there.

The song speaks for itself. Enjoy!

This VOID's for you!

With beers that pay homage to your favorite 80's hardcore punk acts, never before have I wished so badly to live in suburban Georgia.

The Burnt Hickory Brewery in Kennesaw, GA has cornered the beer market for 80's hardcore-themed beer drinkers.

Here are just a few of the gems to be found amongst their collection of limited-run brews-

"You'll find your mental state lapsing in a VOID while you drink this!"

And of course, this:

... must beget this:

Really reaching into the depths of obscurity here:

My "trivial 80's hardcore quote" boner is a poppin' for a taste of this brew:

While I'm not a big Mudhoney fan- in fact, their Dicks cover is pitifully overrated, and I can really only identify "Touch Me, I'm Sick" as their one great song- this brew looks tasty:

Can't go wrong with this bit of advertising, just don't let Old Man Ginn catch wind of it:

I really hope there are a few old-timer burnout types somewhere in NJ drinking this and still losing their shit to the likes of "HUMONGOUSFUNGUSAMONGUS":

And of course, we can't have a micro-brewed beer from Georgia without a Civil War homage of some sort:

And with this, I'm convinced that the brewmaster is truly after my heart: