Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston - It's Spooky (1989)

Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair put starting a new job into a perspective which only neurotic fools such as myself can agree with. Brilliant use of a Buster Keaton short, might I add. Kudos to the internet.

I was never much of a Daniel Johnston or 1/2 Japanese fan but with song titles like "I Met Roky Erickson" and "I Did Acid With Caroline" how could I pass this album up? Reissued with a plethora of bonus songs on Jagjaguwar earlier this decade, it's definitely worth a listen if you're into inept garbage which can perfectly spell out your innermost neuroses to a T.

Oh, just in case you were confused, no I don't have a new job yet, only a longing for one, as always.

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