No... none... falling out!

This ridiculous guitar reminds me, all weekend long was thinking about how sick the 2nd Adolescents album would have been if the 1st album lineup had stayed together to record in in, what '83 or so?

Rikk Agnew's songs as exhibited on the "All By Myself" LP and early D.I. were clearly written for a potential 2nd Adolescents LP. The majority of those songs were more melodic and epic sounding- total 'Kids Of The Blackhole' vibe. The imagination picks up on album full of similar, classic heavy hitters when listening to the harmonies and vocals as they were done by the Adolescents.

On Tony Adolescent's side of the fence, he sang for The Abandoned. Since I don't know much of their history besides their music, their vibe was more "Nardcore" meets the Adolescents. Pretty raging stuff, but never quite gets there. Regardless, Tony's vocals still go for it.

Will do a little more investigating to see what happened to this period of the band, and whether this potential 2nd Adolescents LP was ever on the verge of happening. Seems like it would've been better than the first album, in theory.


Steve Soto and Frank Agnew playing rythm and doing harmonies on the 1st Legal Weapon LP, circa '82. Great album, though the next 2 would be the best. Still, the harmonies!

Additionally, here's Rikk and Frank Agnew playing with Der Stab, probably around '81. Joe Wood, second lead singer of TSOL, on bass.

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