First Dudes on the Moon. And you?

In keeping with Neil DeGrasse Tyson's call for the general public to keep their imaginations freshly lubed up with dreams of deep space exploration, a visit to the SPACE exhibit at the Springs Preserve led me to think that perhaps the groundwork for a revived public interest can be spurred by showcasing what a badass Buzz Aldrin is.

Seriously, Converse needs to stop playing themselves and call Buzz Aldrin up for an endorsement deal immediately. Shit, this picture alone should have made them change the name of the "Chuck Taylor" to the "Buzz Aldrin".

Pictured: Buzz Aldrin having "fun".

I'm pretty sure Buzz Aldrin's kid came up with the term "buzzkill" to describe what it was like to grow up with his father-

"Weeeee! Isn't this awesome, Dad!?"

"Eh, it's no MOON."

He's still got it!

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