Rancho de Cahuenga- Signing place of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the great Mexican land (smash and) grab.

It's somewhat telling about how salient Mexico is within the popular American historical narrative...

...when we decide to take a location that symbolizes a huge turning point in American-Mexican relations (in the state with the highest population of Mexicans, of course) and just run it over without much thought, every day.

Somewhat appalling, y'know?


Anyway, the reason I was in this area was to help mi mama move some stuff around in her office. She's an accountant for a firm that deals in big time Hollywood entertainment law, and here's the guest lobby literature to prove it!

The best of the bunch.

The best of the best of the bunch. Appropriately, this was the only portrait sketch in the entire book. I was stoked.

The best of the worst of the bunch- Super Yacht World magazine-

Because not everyone can fit through the channels of succes:

I'm assuming this means that the next step up will be a yacht that resembles the Death Star both aesthetically, and in its dimensions.

This is a safe for all the watches you're s'posed to keep on the yacht. See, rich people are just as tacky as you and me.

Sometimes I wonder if my hatred for Eric Clapton is warranted, or if I'm just being a contrarian prick. I'm glad this magazine has inadvertently put the nail in the coffin of my great mental conundrum.

What can you say, dude clearly has the blues.

Yacht life is stressful. Time for some yoga.

Release party/reading for Sam McPheeter's novel, Loom Of Ruin

I highly recommend picking it up--260 pages of McPheeters' style storytelling at its best.

Also, this funny quote is tagged onto the back cover:
"Is Sam McPheeters our generation's Andy Kaufman?"- Kathleen Hanna

This mythical creature got on the phone with his lawyer as soon as I broke it to him that HORSE THE BAND had already been used. Oh, L.A.

My last day found me rained and snowed out of a 10 mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, so my alternate plan involved driving down Sepulveda Blvd from Sylmar all the way to Culver City. It was probably on the most interesting L.A. area drives I've ever taken. One day I'll drive the entirety of Sepulveda, and perhaps do a little picto-historical post about the experience.

The ultimate goal of the drive was to check out the latest exhibit at the Center For Land Use Interpretation".

CLUI's latest is Initial Points: Anchors of America's Grid, and is highly recommended.

They also have one of my favorite bookstores in all of L.A., filled with nothing but books on natural resources, infrastructure, landscape management, landscape sociology, etc. Unfortunately, every time I visit this place I seem to be unemployed and/or broke, so, you know, fuck my life!

Considering how broke I was, I decided to take an iPhone pic of this picture/essay zine, and more specifically an essay detailing the opening night of the Bellagio. Well, that didn't turn out too well, as most of this shit is indecipherable. Anyway, the essay ends by stating that the first song played at the inaugural Bellagio fountain show was "Hey Big Spender"- a song about prostitution.

Also of note is CLIU's rad bathroom decor...

...so make sure to take a dump if you're there!

I took a quick minute to stop by Headline records, where I discovered that this is happening-

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